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Book Review: Why does Tee Morris’ book have me “All A Twitter”?

October 6th, 2009 :: Michael Dougherty

I constantly source out material for post ideas or unique ways marketing/social media are being brought to the masses. My main source for this is books. I will admit for a tech guy, I like my resource material a little on the old school side, but these are the things I like to read when I disconnect from the laptop.

Lately there seems to be a flood of books about using the tools of social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, and the rest. Some books feel like they are trying to talk to everyone, new users to the experienced, and have left me feeling like I have been missed. I often feel like there are questions that I still had at the beginning that were never answered. There are things, as a moderately experienced user, that I wished wouldn’t have been glossed over or should have been included.

“All A Twitter” by Tee Morris, in my opinion, and mind you that’s worth a lot to me, has hit the mark for all possible users of Twitter. The main reason for this, and he explains this himself in the beginning of the book, is that he, like you and I, is a user of the technology he’s writing about. Not to say other authors on this tool aren’t, but “All A Twitter” doesn’t come across as an instruction manual. “All A Twitter” feels like is a conversation with a friend who has scouted out the terrain way ahead of you and has come back to tell you all about it.

One of the impressive aspects about the entire experience of reading this book is that it did not end when I hit the last page. Tees has built into the book actions to take what you’ve learned, such an experience with hashtags, and apply what you’re learning as you read. This, to me, is something that can break down the fears that a new user would experience and get them to roll up their sleeves to start tweeting. I even find myself going back and searching out those steps I took and seeing how others experienced them.

Tee covers everything that you could imagine from a book on Twitter and, as Tee himself writes, “follows a logical progression with Twitter”. From setting up your account, which mobile phones handle Twitter best, to proper etiquette, Tee covers everything you would need to get the most out of the online tool. The book even has ways to expand the information, such as the “A Little Birdie Told Me…” which are tips on the in’s and out’s of the tool or the “Fail Whale Says…” tips which are there to help prevent you from falling into traps that could derail your enjoyment, and success, with Twitter.

Now, I haven’t written a review on marketing/social media books on GrowSmartBusiness before, but after reading Tee Morris’ book “All A Twitter” that has changed. Once month I will source out a book, new or established, and give you my thoughts on it. At the very least, these books could help expand your idea bank of marketing tips or ideas. To me, the best education in the world is one that comes from more than one teacher.

This book was good enough, for me, to follow the advice offered in the forward, written by Chris Brogan, which was to “give it to someone else”. I’m not going to go giving away multiple copies, not just yet anyway, but what I will do is send the first person who comments here a free copy of the book. And this has to be a relevant comment about either the book or this post. You can’t just put up “First” or some variation of “Give me my free book”. I mean I have standards…well, some what, but the comment has to be relevant at the very least.

To make this easier, your comment needs to be twenty words on if you have read “All A Twitter”, or why you would like to, and provide a valid email that I can contact you with to get the address to send it to. I would love to hear your thoughts in a comment below regardless of who is first.

You can also reach me on Twitter by following me @wickedjava, or on Facebook at

As all ways, if you have been reading, thank you and stay wicked.

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View Comments to “Book Review: Why does Tee Morris’ book have me “All A Twitter”?”

  1. Gabrielle says:

    I’m always wary of books about technology, because it always seems like technology advances so quickly that by the time a book hits the shelf it’s already obsolete. Your review fills me with hope about this one, though. It sounds like it’s aimed to stay with the experience of using Twitter and it sounds like it can grow with Twitter even though the pages are static, from the way you point out that it provides continuing exercises and tips to move forward with. I was interested in the book before, but your review has swayed me!

  2. J.R. Murdock says:

    To be on the top of your game in Social Media, you must be ‘All a Twitter’

  3. Anne Lyle says:

    I’ve read Tee’s other book, “Podcasting for Dummies”, and I can attest that he writes in a clear, no-nonsense style!

  4. Tee Morris is one of the hardest working (yet under appreciated people) in social media and the sphere as a whole. While I haven’t read All A Twitter, I, would like to, but I haven’t gotten out to get a copy yet. Tee’s insight in to all things Social Media (from his numerous tweets to his Anti-Social Media vids) provide his audience with insights in to social media that others only gloss over. Tee is a machine, and definitely worth paying attention to!

  5. After enjoying the content of “All a Twitter” and Tee’s related “Bird House Rules” Podcast, I have recommended Tee’s book to multiple clients as a straight forward, non “spammy” approach to Twitter.

    Tee’s writing style is fun, personable, and enjoyable to read. I have received other twitter training, but Tee’s book is the only one that I recommend.

  6. Vicky Dobbin says:

    I learn something every day by following Tee on Twitter and can’t wait to read his book for more.

  7. Shar Rundio says:

    I have not read the book but based on your experience I look forward to doing so. I also appreciate books that encourage you to get out and use the tool outside of just reading about it. Thanks for taking the time to point out what you think is a great resource and tweeting about it. That’s what it’s all about, right?

  8. Mike Dougherty says:

    Amazing responses everyone. Thank you. Gabrielle wins the Free copy of Tee Morris’ book “All a Twitter”.

    Next book up for review is Gary Vaynerchuk’s “CrushIt!” and, just like this review, a copy, maybe even two, will be up for grabs.

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