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Small Biz Resource Tip:
Nov 26, 2010 :: mhaubrich Creating the logo for your company is as important as choosing your business name. Your logo needs to be original, meaningful and unforgettable all at once. Your best bet is to let the experts take over. Logoworks by HP employs many…
5 Quick Tips for Boosting Your Small Business’s…
Nov 26, 2010 :: mhaubrich
By Maria Valdez Haubrich Black Friday, Cyber Monday—the Internet is abuzz with assessments of how profitable these crucial selling days will be for retailers this year, and what strategies work best to capture customers. It’s already Black…
Should You Encourage Your Employees to Use Social…
Nov 26, 2010 :: Thursday Bram
As a small business owner, you are responsible for how your employees spend their time at work. After all, you have to pay them, whether they’re doing something to help your business or just twiddling their thumbs. That means that you have to decide…
Small Biz Resource Tip:
Nov 25, 2010 :: mhaubrich If you’re looking for a quick traffic overview of your website (or your competitor’s site), go to and check it out. You can look at one site or plug in up to three sites for comparison. You can see your traffic on a…
6 Things Small Businesses Should Be Thankful for…
Nov 25, 2010 :: Rieva_L
By Rieva Lesonsky It’s Thanksgiving Day and traditionally time for giving thanks. As busy as small business owners are, I hope you have time to stop and think about what you’re thankful for this year. While the pundits and experts will…
Small Biz Resource Tip:
Nov 24, 2010 :: mhaubrich Stymied on what to give clients and vendors for the holidays this year? Or maybe you’re looking for employee rewards or incentive bonuses to acknowledge high performances? has hundreds of merchant…

Small Business Success Index 4 – July 2010

Capital Access
Marketing & Innovation
Customer Service
Computer Technology

Highlights from SBSI Wave 4:

  • 62% of small businesses are struggling to come up with new ideas to generate revenue, internet technologies help overcome this struggle
  • Small businesses using social media more to drive brand awareness, instead of lead generation
  • Websites are the fastest growing online solution for small businesses with 67% likely to have or get a website

Grow Smart Biz
Conference 2010

The Washington Business Journal and Network Solutions are proud to host the 2nd annual GrowSmartBiz Conference and Trade Show.

We will be joined by leaders in small business to share their knowledge and experience on today’s most relevant topics, and over 50 exhibition booths will be available to visit throughout the day.

  • When : Nov 5,2010
  • Where : Renaissance Hotel
  • Washington, DC
  • Tickets start at $79
Register now