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Small Business Success Index 4

Index Score*   Grade
73 marginal
Capital Access 67
Marketing & Innovation 65
Workforce 76
Customer Service 88
Computer Technology 73
Compliance 92
*Index score is calculated on a 1-100 scale.

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Small Biz Resource Tip: SCORE

October 18th, 2010 :: Rieva_L


With over 13,000 volunteers nationwide and offering one-on-one counseling either in person on online, SCORE, “Counselors to America’s Small Business,” is ready to help you start and grow your business—for free. Volunteer experts include both working and retired business owners and executives with expertise in all areas of entrepreneurship. SCORE is a nonprofit resource partner of the Small Business Administration (SBA) and has 350 chapters throughout the United States. Free workshops, webinars and mentor counseling have helped thousands of small businesses navigate their way to success—just having a live person to talk to can make all the difference.

Ken Yancey CEO of SCORE gets First-Ever Small Business Corporate Support Award

September 24th, 2010 :: Shashi Bellamkonda

I was thrilled to hear about this news that SCORE presented the first-ever Ken Yancey Small Business Corporate Support Award on September 16th at the SCORE Awards in Washington, D.C. SCORE CEO Ken Yancey, is the first recipient of this award honoring those who provide exceptional assistance in creating small business procurement opportunities. I have met him several times and his passion for helping small business comes across as he speaks.

SCORE has a network of volunteers who mentor new and existing small Business and has helped  more than 8.5 million entrepreneurs with a network of 12,400 mentors. Well deserved award- Congrats ! Ken Yancey and SCORE.

More information from the SCORE press release :

This award the “Ken Yancey Small Business Corporate Support Award” is named for SCORE CEO Ken Yancey in honor of his personal leadership in the development and growth of Business Matchmaking and his guidance in facilitating more than 75,000 face-to-face opportunities for entrepreneurs to present to government and major corporate potential customers, resulting in more than $1 billion in sales for America’s small businesses.

The Business Matchmaking organization established this annual award for an organization or individual who has provided exceptional assistance in creating small business procurement opportunities. Yancey has appeared on MSNBC, CNN, CNBC, Fox and PBS as a small business expert. He serves on the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Small Business Advisory Council. He is an active supporter of the Boy Scouts of America.

Mike Mendez, SCORE Association Incoming Board Chair, says, “Ken Yancey has been instrumental in SCORE’s growth and success. It’s been an honor to work with Ken in leading mentoring and training support for America’s small businesses.” Mendez adds, “Today, we honor Ken Yancey as the first recipient for this award named in his honor the Ken Yancey Small Business Corporate Support Award. It’s a testament to Ken’s long-standing support of small business and the corporate partners that help small business connect with resources & opportunities for success.”

Mark Dobosz, Executive Director of The SCORE Foundation, says, “Ken is a visionary and inspirational leader. His ability to rally support for SCORE, small business mentoring and other great programs like business matchmaking demonstrate his commitment to small business success.” Dobosz adds, “Ken has built corporate support for SCORE’s mission and small business. We felt it was appropriate to name this award honoring corporate supporters of small business after the man who has done so much to enable small business success.”

About SCORE: Since 1964, SCORE has helped more than 8.5 million aspiring entrepreneurs. Each year, SCORE provides small business mentoring and workshops to more than 375,000 new and growing small businesses. More than 12,400 business experts volunteer as mentors in 364 chapters serving local communities with entrepreneur education to help grow 1 million small businesses.

Here is a video the Network Solutions team interview with Ken Yancey during the National Small Business Week

#GrowSmartBiz Video : Panel 3: Staying Ahead in the Current Economy

October 1st, 2009 :: Shashi Bellamkonda

Christine Banning from SCORE gave a great presentation on the current economy in the afternoon of the #GrowsmartBiz conference. Check it out below:

Christine Banning is VP of Marketing and Communications at SCORE Association and is a marketing expert. She leads strategic brand management, marketing, marketing alliances and PR & communications for SCORE nationally. She has successfully led SCORE’s digital marketing strategy, reaching nearly 3 million people each year. Christine reaches an audience of 500 million annually through SCORE’s PR efforts. Christine speaks nationally on branding, entrepreneurship, small business identity and marketing. Christine serves on the Board of Directors of Dress for Success, Washington, DC. She received her graduate degree from The American University in Washington, DC. She was recently named an Honorary Member of SCORE New York City.

Small Business Leaders to Address Staying Ahead In the Current Economy at the GrowSmartBiz Conference

September 24th, 2009 :: Steven Fisher

Recessions result in unforeseen challenges and instill fear in businesses, especially small businesses. But have no fear, The GrowSmartBiz Conference is here!

Network Solutions® is pleased to announce Jody Keenan of VA Small Business Development Center, Christine Banning of SCORE, Anita Campbell of Small Business Trends, Charles Colby of Rockbridge Associates, Jake Weatherly of Palo Alto Software and  Mike Reed of Paychex as the as panelists for the GrowSmartBiz Conference topic session: Staying Ahead in the Current Economy.

These panelists will share how they differentiate themselves against other businesses and provide tips and insights on creative ways to thrive during a recession.

In addition to this topic, Wired Editor-in-Chief and author Chris Anderson’s keynote and Virginia Senator Mark Warner’s special note, the conference will also focus on the following topics:
•    Raising Capital with Effective Finance Strategies
•    Driving Small Business Performance with Marketing & Innovation
•    Integrating Traditional Marketing with Social Media

The GrowSmartBiz Conference will be held on September 29 at the Renaissance Hotel in Washington, D.C. The event was created as a result of the Small Business Success Index (SBSI) – an ongoing measurement of the overall health of small businesses commissioned by the University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business and Network Solutions. The conference will focus on key areas of business that small businesses view as critical to their success.

For more information or to register for the event, visit the GrowSmartBiz Conference site. Don’t forget to turn in your small business success story for the chance to have it posted on the GrowSmartBusiness Blog and to receive FREE admission to the GrowSmartBiz Conference.

Key Yancey of SCORE on Fox Business mentions the "Unintentional Entrepreneur"

July 14th, 2009 :: Steven Fisher

This morning, CEO of SCORE (Service Corps Of Retired Executives) was on Fox Business on their “Startup Summer” segment and was discussing the economy in general and talked about the concept of the “Unintentional Entrepreneur” and mentioned the new blog by Network Solutions and which just launched that you can check out here.

I like the term “Unintentional Entrepreneur” and while it is a mouthful it is a very accurate thing that occurs during a recession. Many people are laid off and find it difficult to find a new job. They might find themselves either overqualified for the available jobs, suffer from silent discrimination (we can find someone cheaper and younger) or realize they require a massive amount of retraining to be competitive with the current job market.

People may feel that this a place they never wanted to be and they must go out on their own and cobble together projects to pay the bills and keep their skills sharp. I used to call this being an “entrepreneur-by-force” instead of being an “entrepreneur-by-choice” but more and more people find themselves in this position during the current economic downturn.

Some are terrified and are desperate to find a new job while others see this as a wake up call to start the business they have always wanted to start. Remember, recessions are actually the best time to start a business because if you can make it work when things are bad, you can easily grow during the good times. Plus, you can get deals from vendors that you couldn’t get during a booming economy. Don’t forget that in today’s web world, technology costs have plummeted and the tools and resources to get you running are low-cost and incredibly powerful.

So why don’t you watch Ken’s chat with FBN and leave a comment on this new trend.

SCORE Small Business Community Launches:

May 22nd, 2009 :: Steven Fisher

Today, SCORE announced the launch of its new small business community at

For those of you not familiar with SCORE, it stands for “Service Corps Of Retired Executives” and was started in 1964 as “Counselors to America’s Small Business”. Over time, this non-profit organization has helped more than 8.3 million aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners through counseling and business workshops. More than 11,200 volunteer business counselors in 370 chapters serve their communities through entrepreneur education dedicated to the formation, growth and success of small businesses.

Connecting through Online Communities

Continuing their mission, they have extended their knowledge and outreach to an online community of small business that need this mentorship. I speak from experience because I worked with SCORE back in 1999 to write my first real “raise some money” business plan and I couldn’t have done it without my SCORE mentor.

The community is powered by PartnerUp, which has a large online community geared solely toward small business owners and entrepreneurs. PartnerUp is the leading provider of enterprise solutions software for companies looking to target the small business market. PartnerUp was founded in February 2005 and acquired by Deluxe Corporation in July 2008. PartnerUp is headquartered in Minneapolis. For more information, visit

Essentially, the community is a private labeled version of PartnerUp with content from their site taking advantage of their already established network. This is important for first impressions because many people who visit a community like this for the first time are looking for value and people using it already. Over time, this will grow on its own with specific content and an exclusive community but for now this is a great start in the right direction.

For more information check out the SCORE Community at