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Killer Ways to Find Followers and Influence People on Twitter

June 7th, 2010 :: Steven Fisher

The title of this post is inspired by the seminal business book “How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie. But it was a post from my friend, Dave Delaney, on fighting spam and finding followers in Twitter that got me thinking – what are all the ways to find people to follow on Twitter and how do you know if you are influencing people?

Finding Followers that Matter

So I headed on over to Laura Fitton’s site,, which is essentially “The App Store for Twitter”. Now Dave talked about this site, which is really cool because it helps you figure out when someone starts following you if they are a bot and spammer. Saves you a lot of time and keeps out the junk. One the site there were four that are the most popular and most recommended.

Here are their summaries and links to their respective sites from the site:

Friend Or Follow “helps you manage your Twitter contacts. Submit your Twitter screen name to find out who you’re following that’s not following you back, and who’s following you that you’re not following back”. This is really powerful if you missed people that started following you and you want to make sure you are connected with those who matter and who will listen to what you have to say and vice versa.

Twit Cleaner “analyses the people you follow, identifies the time wasters, spammers, bots & those who’ve quit Twitter (& much more besides). Allows you to easily clean out the garbage (& save those you want to keep following)”. I found it to be super easy to use and it took only two clicks to unfollow all spammers. What I really loved about this service is that it DM’d me my report and the report showed me who is a good tweeter, who has mostly links, who is a conversationalist, who is a serial retweeter and so on. Really cool.

Listorious simply says “it is a directory of Twitter lists so you can find interesting ones” so that vague description leaves me wishing they would describe it better. I head to the site and it is very cool and uses the Twitter login to add me to the directory if I want. It is very intuitive and is a people search engine that leverages tags for the most part. This is a compliment to Twitter lists which are defined by the individual and this helps you discover new people based on interest. Very nice. The only thing I wish it would do is allow me to follow from the page. I hope they incorporate the @Anywhere pop-up in the page so I can see the summary of the person and have a follow button.

MrTweet, according to the site “makes it easy for you to find great people to follow. The moment you sign up, we will send you completely personalized suggestions of great people you might want to know about. Also, instead of #followfriday, make your props go a longer way by recommending great tweeps on MrTweet. Your effort will be used in our recommendation engine, and also be shown across many Twitter applications like Seesmic.” What I found is that this has two very powerful functions – recommending who you should be following that you aren’t and letting you know who you are influencing, which leads me to the next section of this post….

Influence is Powerful if You Are Influencing the Right People

So you have all these Twitter followers and hopefully have scrubbed your follow/follower lists to focus it on people that you want to have a conversation with or at the very least care what you have to say. Many people who have large size Twitter followings wield quite a bit of influence so I thought I would look into tools that measure and help you increase your influence.

TweetStats, according to the site “graphs your Twitter Stats including – tweets per hour, tweets per month, tweet timeline and reply statistics”. I found this a nice place to start because it asks for your Twitter handle and does a quick analysis of your Twitter activity. It makes some really pretty and revealing graphs. Two of my favorite are those that @ me the most (who I have a conversation with) and those that Retweet me the most (those that like what I have to say).

GraphEdge is a report system that according the site is “designed especially for companies and individuals who want to know exactly what’s going on in their Twitter network. GraphEdge can tell you: * How many of your followers you’re really reaching * How quickly your network is growing (or shrinking!) * Who’s dumping you * Who your most influential followers are, and how to reach them * Who else your followers are following *”. I just ran it and an waiting for the report which takes about a day. From the look of the screenshot on their home page you could call it a “Google Analytics for Twitter” app.

Twitter Grader is from the fine people at Hubspot who started with Website Grader and have a ton of other “Grader” tools. I got a grade of 98.9 out of 100 so I am happy. It means I am a good steward of my Twitter account.

Twitalyzer is a very fast way to know your audience reach. It analyzes your Twitter handle and goes out to your network and based on their own algorithms, figures out what kind of influence you have with others. Its dashboard reports show five dimensions – Impact, Engagement, Generosity, Velocity and Clout. This is an extremely powerful tool especially if you need to improve in some areas. This tool will tell you.

Klout – No, I didn’t spell that one wrong. is a pretty powerful site and uses your Twittername and shows who influences you and who you influence. It has something unique called an “Influence Graph” which shows you were you are in relation to your followers. Apparently, I am an activist and share the space with @WickedJava and @CaseySoftware. You can read a more in depth review and interview of Klout done by Ken Yeung over at the Solutions Are Power blog. In the mean time, give a spin. It is eye opening.

What Tools Are You Using To Find and Influence?

There are a ton of tools out there and the site is comprehensive but do you have any favorite tools you would like to let us know about? Leave a comment.

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